Irrigation (Design and Build)

Irrigation is an effective way of instantly providing any garden, whether an inspiring country landscape or small urban jungle, with artificial water. It may be that you want to make the soil nice and damp for thirsty herbaceous plants or you want to bring a dry and arid lawn back to life again. Perhaps you live in a warmer climate and get very little rainfall, or you often experience intermittent droughts. Water is essential for a lush, green garden, giving plants the essential minerals needed to grow big and healthy. No matter what your needs are, the right automated or manual irrigation system can work wonders for your garden.

One of the many benefits of irrigation is increased carbon sequestration. Free-floating carbon in our atmosphere is drawn into the soil by plants and kept there. The more greenery you have in your garden, the better it is for the environment. What’s more, irrigation systems can help you use water resources in more efficient ways, only using it in areas of the garden where it is needed. It’s a great way to keep those water bills down! Irrigation can also help with dust control, temperature reduction and noise reduction in your garden.

Making your garden bloom is easier than you might think; all you need is a little guidance to point you in the right direction. No matter what your situation, we offer a range of cost-effective, discreet irrigation solutions. We’ll be straight-talking about what the best options are for your landscape and provide you with a professional installation service.

Automated Irrigation Systems

Investing in an automated irrigation system may be expensive to install. In the long run, however, it has the potential to save you money in terms of water efficiency in your garden. Not only do they effectively bring water to the plants that need it most, but they also control the quantity of water and help to prevent over-watering. These efficient systems are usually hidden beneath the ground, so you won’t even notice they are there. We will talk to you about your specific requirements and set a timed system so that your garden gets watered at particular times throughout the day. If the schedule needs altering, we’re happy to come back and re-set the times for free.

Irrigation (Design and Build)

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