Spray Tar & Chippings Surfacing

Greenstone frequently install a surface dressing commonly known as ‘Tar and Chip’.

Tar and Chip surfacing is a process of laying hot tar with a stone chip cover, which is then rolled in. It is ideal for all surroundings and alongside various edging options, but does require suitable substrates to apply upon and use of correctly sized, rounded aggregates.

Tar and chip surfacing is also known as ‘spray-tar and chipping’, ‘chip and seal’, ‘seal chip’ or ‘liquid asphalt and stone’.

Tar and chip is an affordable surface dressing solution offering a rustic appearance, which does involve an amount of loose aggregates remaining on the ground.

There are many benefits to having a tar and chip driveway, and cost is one of the major ones.

It can also have many benefits over other driveway paving options.

The fact that it is low-maintenance is probably the one most often cited.

While some loose stones ends up here and there on the surface, the underlying chip is embedded, stable and sturdy.

The bitumen cures and can be used by vehicles within half an hour of application and can cover either tarmac, concrete or other suitable non-porous surfaces.

The process gives the impression of a 'deep filled' gravel or stone driveway, but without the problems such as wheel ruts or rain water pooling, etc.

Cost effective, fast and attractive It never needs to be sealed or cleaned.

It also hides oil stains fairly well and only needs to be resurfaced about every 10 years or so.

If you are looking at resurfacing or putting in a new driveway, consider how Tar and Chip driveway costs are very reasonable and low compared with other possibilities.

We have also successfully installed our preferred hot applied K1-70 Spray Tar with 6mm golden ‘Somersham’ chippings on incredibly prestigious sites such as the Grade I listed Charlton House in Greenwich, and the Royal Military Academy in Woolwich.

Key benefits

• Low cost
• Low Maintenance
• Fast installation – can be driven on within an hour of application
• Natural looking
• Durable – can cope with heavy use or large vehicles
• Can be installed over existing driveways
• Rough surface provides more grip than a smooth macadam surface when wet
• Even when it is covered with snow it will give more traction than a smooth surface
• Makes a better choice for the elderly, or those who feel less sure of their footing, especially in winter.
• Firm, solid surface with the appearance of loose gravel

Spray Tar & Chippings Surfacing

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