Water Features & ponds

For many people, water features are high up on their garden wish list. There’s just something a little bit special about them. Whether a fountain, pool, pond, rill (small stream) artificial waterfall, cascade or stream, all water features can make your garden feel alive with the peaceful sound of running water. Along with the soothing effect cascading water has on an outdoor space, water features make a visual statement and create a flow between the different areas of your garden. They can draw the eye to help create zones, and even have the remarkable ability to increase the feeling of space in smaller gardens by reflecting the sky in still surfaces.

Often it is the movement of water that seems to captivate us, brimming over edges and pouring down ravines. Water features can be powered either through gravity alone or by electric pumps. Most styles are self-contained, meaning that they continuously recycle water from either the pond it sits in or from a hidden reservoir or sump.

Swimming Pools and Natural Pools

If you have always had your heart set on the family coming together in the garden to splash about in your very own outdoor pool, we can help. We are happy to work alongside a specialist sub-contractor and co-ordinate the building works for you.


While just about any water feature can be a treat for wildlife, a pond is the best way to encourage insects, amphibians, small animals and birds into your garden. Combined with the right planting, it can offer food, shelter and shade from the sun at a time when our native wildlife needs it the most. Whether you opt for a pond with a natural aesthetic or something a bit more modern, an area of open water will increase the sense of space in your garden while creating a calming atmosphere.

A well-constructed pond has the potential to completely transform the character of your outdoor space, with movement created by light reflections and ripples on the water’s surface. What’s more, the addition of a pond pump brings the soothing sound of trickling water and helps to stop the water from becoming stagnant. All you need is some advice from the experts at Greenstone Landscape, and even the most uninspiring of landscapes can become a wildlife-friendly environment to be proud of.

Rain Gardens

If you are the sort of person who enjoys listening to the sound of a good rainstorm, there is a new garden design trend that could make the right kind of impact in your outdoor space. A rain garden uses falling raindrops and water runoff in creative, innovative ways to result in a beautiful, easy-to-manage, wildlife-friendly area. It is an ideal concept for gardens with a slope of less than 10%, or any well-drained landscape.

Rain gardens act as an opportunity to manage rainwater runoff. When you add a rill or channel to link your home’s roof downpipe, the water leads down to a shallow area of the ground or a dip in your garden. The depression fills with water as it rains, then drains away. Soften the area with plants that can stand waterlogging for up to 48 hours and add drought-tolerant plants towards the edges. Water butts, rain chains, stormwater planters and ponds can also be included in the scheme.

Rain gardens can require far less maintenance than other landscapes, as once established you’ll hardly ever need to water the plants. They can absorb 30% more water than a typical lawn, they avoid the need to sink a soakaway, and they help to reduce erosion by slowing the effects of heavy rainfall. Many of our customers like rain gardens because they allow for a more extensive range of perennials in their planting schemes, which in turn attracts more insects and birds. Whether you have a small, secluded garden or acres of land, a rain garden gives you the opportunity to use the outdoor elements to your benefit, while keeping your landscape looking good

Water Features & ponds

Water Features & ponds Gallery

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